余白1.pngQ: What kind of shop is Booth?

余白320×25.pngA:Booth is the Internet cafe fully equipped with both common lounge and
余白320×25.pngindividual private booths.
余白320×25.pngThe private booth is a space to relax and comfort.
余白320×25.pngIn addition, you have a wealth of comics, magazines and so on.
余白320×25.pngLastly, exclusively-for-women booth marks distinctive feature of us.


余白1.pngQ: Is ID necessary for entering a shop?

余白320×25.pngA: Yes. By law, we need your ID to complete the registration in order to
余白320×25.pnguse our facility.


余白1.pngQ: May I bring in foods and drinks?

余白320×25.pngA: Yes. We also have all-you-can-drink soda fountain at your service.


余白1.pngQ: Do you have free Wi-Fi here?

余白320×25.pngA: Yes. Wi-Fi is available anywhere in Booth for free of charge.